Frequently Asked Questions

Is the reception room easy to reach?

The Piccolo Paradiso reception hall is located along the Sinnica state road, 18 km from the A3 motorway and 66 km from the Ionian Sea, easily accessible by anyone. The itinerary is devoid of bends and hairpin bends, making the trip pleasant for both the little ones and the guests more sensitive to car sickness!

If the reception is outdoors, what other solutions are there if it rains or in any case there is bad weather?

If there are problems that make it impossible to carry out the reception as established, there is no problem as everything will be carried out inside the room already set up previously, with a staff prepared to adapt for any eventuality.

How many weddings are celebrated per day? If they are several, how is the confidentiality of each one ensured?

By company choice we have agreed to direct our resources to only one reception per day, with the entire staff at your service in order to best satisfy every request, whether agreed or not.

Is there a babysitting service?

Yes, we offer an extra babysitting service, evaluating from time to time, together with the future spouses, the opportunity to contact our trusted educators to entertain the children and make the parents happy too!

How much is the deposit to book? How early should it be given?

In the face of the written commitment that is stipulated there is first of all trust, in fact the deposit is a completely symbolic figure and its amount is agreed jointly with the spouses and / or their families according to their possibilities and needs .

How and when should the balance be paid?

This information is reported in the stipulated contract, even if our management is not fiscal. The payment of the balance, in fact, can easily be made in the days following receipt.

Is there any kind of insurance if something breaks?

Yes, we are covered by an insurance contract that protects us in case of fortuitous circumstances that could cause damage to things and people.

Is there a separate space from the reception room (lunch, dinner or buffet), where you can serve a cocktail?

We generally set up the "soft drink" in the area adjacent to the pools, with background music, background and a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

What happens if the wedding is canceled?

Only the deposit paid is lost, as well as, in particular cases, there is an additional penalty in relation to the established date and the time in which the cancellation notice takes place.

Is there an exclusive relationship with a particular photographer? And with a DJ / band?

We do not have exclusive relationships, but we recommend musical groups or photographers, obviously professional, who have already had the opportunity to work with us, since, preparing sets for the release of some courses, a harmony and understanding with collaborators is necessary external, so that there are no obstacles of any kind. Nothing stands in the way of a completely free choice of external collaborators, with the only request to know the names in advance and possibly it will be useful to have their contact details so that we can plan together the progress of the ceremony.

What kind of tables and chairs are available?

Round 160 cm and 180 cm tables are set up for 8-10 guests and "long" tables for 14 guests, completed by comfortable chairs in pearl white, with steel frame and soft padding.

Do you have to respect a minimum number of guests? And what is the maximum number of guests to be comfortable?

We do not indicate a minimum number of guests. The maximum number, reserving the necessary space for dancing and shows, is 500 people. In the case of ceremonies where there are no dances and shows we can comfortably set up the room for 600 people.

What's up with guests who don't come at the last minute? Do they pay the same?

We give the possibility to indicate the exact number of guests two days before the established date. Based on the number, the products are ordered and the staff organized (we always consider, to be ready for anything, 10% more than your number), therefore, the total cost takes into account the number of guests communicated.

How long can the party and music last after the banquet?

For bureaucratic reasons the band ends at midnight, but the celebration, as far as we are concerned, does not have a fixed time limit.

Is there secure parking? For how many cars?

We have 250 unattended parking spaces inside the area. At the entrance there will be our parking attendants to await the arrival of guests.

Are the waiters professionals or are they only hired for this type of event?

We have a staff of professional waiters who always work with us. It can happen in the most numerous ceremonies to have to hire extra staff. The choice is however prudent and never left to chance.